About Capital Beltway Environmental

More about Capital Beltway Environmental: CBE was established in Baltimore Maryland in 2006 and expanded to Mobile, Alabama in 2012. CBE provides a variety of services including certified mold inspections, lead and asbestos inspections in home as well as for municipalities and business of all kinds. We take great pride in providing professional recommendations and consultation.

CBE is an independent testing firm located in Mobile AL, and does not perform any remediation work. We feel your testing firm should be free of any influence from remediation companies. This allows CBE to give you the best recommendation with no prejudice. Should our clients need remediation work we do have relationships with reputable companies and will refer them upon request.

We use only AIHA accredited laboratories and all reports are accurate and reported in an easy to understand format and in a timely manner. We understand time is money and the bottom line is always a factor to us as well as you. CBE enjoys referrals from private homeowners, contractors, municipalities, allergist, insurance companies, real estate companies, asbestos and mold remediation companies. Our written report is easily understood and include all relevant recommendations.

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