What to expect from CBE

At Capital Beltway Environmental (CBE) we take great pride in going above and beyond the service you might expect from someone else. Whether it is a basic Mold Inspection in your home in West Mobile or a full blown Asbestos Inspection down on Royal street, we go the distance. In fact, when a client tells us we have exceeded their expectations we are not surprised. Exceeding expectations is what we are all about. We strive to do the most comprehensive job possible while keeping your bottom line in mind. We view every project and every client as a partnership. From Maryland to Mobile Alabama we are proud to have saved our clients time and money while providing the best service available.

Capital Beltway Environmental is located in Mobile, Alabama and concentrates on the gulf coast area between Pass Christian, Mississippi and Destin, Florida. Mold inspection, asbestos testing, lead testing, water testing, and air monitoring are all available. We bring experience and knowledge gathered over the last 7 years to your home or project. The pentagon was an important project for us, but it is no more important than the mold inspection in your home in Midtown or you office down on Dauphin street.

We understand your home, business, or project is the biggest investment you may have and we will join you in preserving your investment. CBE understands the bottom line and we keep a watchful eye on it. We instill integrity and precision in our staff and demand that everyone here keep your best interest in mind. Our management is available to you at every turn and it is not unusual for our president to show up at a project or even do the inspection herself. Yes, she still goes out into the field.

CBE is looking forward to serving you.

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