How will I know if there is asbestos in my home or business?

In most cases you can’t tell if a material contains asbestos simply by looking at it, unless it is labeled. If you are planning on remodeling or demolishing your home or business, or if your home had damaged building materials, you should have your home or business inspected by a trained and accredited asbestos inspector.

Where is asbestos typically found?

Floor tiles and backing on some flooring and adhesives

Some paint and patching compounds including walls and ceilings.

Some siding

Roofing material

Some steam pipes and hot water pipes are covered with asbestos

Insulation including walls and attic

Fabrics that are heat resistant

Some door gaskets on Coal or oil furnaces

Cement sheeting

Who should take an asbestos sample?

A trained accredited asbestos inspector will know where to look and what should be tested. Capital Beltway Environmental (CBE) holds several accreditations and certifications and has successfully saved our clients time and money through experience and our awareness of the bottom line. We know your home is probably the most expensive investment you have and that your business is your livelihood.

Your asbestos inspector should not be affiliated with any asbestos abatement contractor. This is a conflict of interest and could result in you spending more money than is necessary. 

Do’s  and Don’ts

Don’t be hesitant to have a professional test your home or business. It is not expensive and will give you piece of mind when you know you are protecting the most important things.

Don’t attempt to distinguish Asbestos from non- harmful material. It could be a deadly mistake.

Don’t disturb material you assume is Asbestos. It is most dangerous after it has been moved or damaged. Sanding, scraping, scratching, tearing, ripping, burning, sawing, or moving asbestos can be deadly.

Do avoid all contact with anything you suspect might be asbestos.

Do have only trained professionals test for and remove anything you suspect might be asbestos.

Do ask for certifications and accreditations when hiring an Asbestos testing professional.



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