Mold occurs naturally and there are thousands of varieties. Some are considered more dangerous than others. In the outdoors they break down organic matter like trees, leaves, or anything organic. They serve a good purpose. Inside your home or business they are very dangerous and should be removed immediately. To reproduce tiny spores float in the air and when they land on wet surfaces they grow. A common thread in growth is moisture. Although mold grows everywhere, along the Gulf Coast we are especially prone to it. At CBE we use only certified inspectors for all of our mold inspections and give you a detailed spore count report. There is no naked eye that can detect dangerous spores from harmless ones. Don’t guess at it. Contact Capital Beltway Environmental now to speak with a real professional.

mold1          Mold

You may not see it but that doesn’t mean it is not there. If your home has suffered water intrusion, have it tested. If your family has the health problems listed below, you have mold growth behind a wall, in a duct, under a counter, or some other unseen location. Sometimes it occurs underneath carpet pads and is agitated into the air every time it is stepped on.

MoldBlackInShower hidden mold

If you suspect the possibility of mold, leave it to an experienced professional. If disturbed it can release tiny spores into the air that are invisible to the naked eye. Well meaning intentions can increase the problem exponentially.


Some symptoms of exposure to Mold

Breathing difficulty,

Sneezing/ Wheezing


Sinus infections





Nose bleeds

Joint pain


Hair loss

Weight loss

Skin rashes

Sexual dysfunction


Bleeding lungs

Watering eyes

Skin irritation


Some symptom listed is due to short term exposure and others are long term. Any symptom should be taken seriously and health care professional should be consulted.

infectionMold 2Rash due to mold


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