Mold Prevention

In Mobile, Alabama mold prevention requires proper education and action, but if you suspect a mold infestation, you must act quickly to prevent mold from spreading by calling Capital Beltway Environmental and having your home tested for mold. Our Certified Mold Inspectors can test for toxic mold in your home or business environment.  Prompt action taken now can save you money in the long run.

Mold prevention in Mobile Alabama, is the key to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Moisture is the common denominator, especially here in Mobile, Alabama, in the proliferation of mold. If you have leaky window, pipes, ducts, roof tiles, cracks in walls, or any other area that allows water intrusion locate it and repair it immediately. Moisture is the common denominator in mold growth.

Sometimes gutters and downspouts hold moisture in leaves and debris clean them out and keep the clean. There are screens you can install to ensure the water flows and doesn’t sit and become stagnant. Keeping the areas around the home dry is paramount to mold prevention.

Ensure water doesn’t flow toward your structure. If you see this occurring you may want to consider a French drain or ditch. You must find a way to let the water run away from the structure. This is the slope of your property and when building a new home should always be a first priority.

Drip pans should be checked regularly to ensure they aren’t holding water.

Condensation is dangerous and should be taken seriously. If you see it on windows, pipes, or walls take action to find the problem and repair it.

Keep the humidity in your structure low. If you have a sauna or Jacuzzi make sure it is installed correctly and is ventilated appropriately. The manufacturers of the products make mention of this in their literature. Read it before installing one.

If you need mold testing, call CBE.

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